Orthopaedic Surgery 

At Ashbank, we frequently perform a wide range of orthopaedic investigations and surgery including fracture fixation (including plating); lameness investigations and joint surgeries such as cruciate ligament repairs.

We are happy to see any small animal patient from the central Scotland area for orthopaedic conditions and surgery at our main centre in Laurieston, Falkirk so just call us on 01324 623359 to arrange an appointment!

Ashbank Vets Orthopaedic SurgeryWe have access on-site to almost any diagnostic aids which your pet may require: our digital radiography suite and our MRI and CT scanning services are particularly useful in diagnosing orthopaedic problems.

Our vets have a wealth or expertise and skills in treating orthopaedic problems both medically and surgically including, if required, complex and cutting edge techniques such as the TTA or MMP procedure for cruciate ligament deficiencies, spinal surgeries, elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia etc.


Orthopaedic SurgeryUnlike many veterinary practices, we stock some very strong painkillers - such as Morphine, Methadone and Fentanyl - precisely for orthopaedic patients because we feel strongly that pain is one of the biggest detriments to patients welfare.

We also have a minimum of one vet and one RVN monitoring ALL our orthopaedic patients during anaesthesia to make things as safe as possible during any procedure.


Orthopaedic ImplantsWe ONLY use very high quality surgical grade stainless steel or, in some cases, titanium implants and instruments at Ashbank.

Following orthopaedic surgery, some animals require specialised nursing care afterwards, so we are fully set up for this. Our recovery kennels have bespoke comfortable foam mattresses, underfloor heating and half glass fronts to allow pets to see what is happening outside! Our nurses, led by Emily Wallace RVN, are both experienced in looking after such patients and also very caring to make your pet feel as 'at home' as possible!

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