LAURIESTON: 01324 623359 BO’NESS: 01506 826002 KILSYTH: 01236 825931


Call any of our telephone numbers and make it clear that the matter is not routine. We will do our utmost to attend to you at the earliest opportunity.

Ashbank takes emergency and critical care very seriously. Our vets and nurses regularly discuss and review cases and have undertaken training in dealing with such cases. Ashbank has supported one of our nurses, Emily, through her post grad certificate in Emergency and Critical Care (ECC).


Ashbank is a founding member of Vets ER. Vets ER provides out of hours services for almost all the veterinary practices in the area.

The service will be staffed around the clock by fully qualified vets and vet nurses whose sole job is to provide the best emergency care for your pets possible. They only work when we are closed so they are always bright eyed!

To contact Vets ER, just call any of our numbers and you will hear a recorded message providing you with the contact number.