Dental disease in dogs, cats and rabbits is very common. Indeed one survey has suggested that 85% of dogs over four years of age has periodontal disease. This condition results in loss of gum (as seen belo ) resulting in root exposure, infection, chronic pain and the resulting bad breath with which we are all too familiar!

Dental Care Ashbank VetsIt is less well known that the toxins from these mouth infections can cause damage to internal organs such as kidneys, liver and heart by travelling round the blood stream. You can see how important it is to regularly check your pets teeth and indeed we will carry out this examination ( where possible! ) at the annual booster vaccination.

It is, on the whole, a preventable disease with modern animal toothpastes, brushes, special diets and chews etc. however when your pet needs attention we can provide the type of dental treatment you would expect from your dentist. We use both ultrasonic and air-driven equipment allowing scaling, polishing, tooth extraction and dental radiology to be carried out.

Dental Health products – Ashbank vetsWe offer a comprehensive range of products to help you keep your pet’s teeth in tip top condition including pet friendly toothpaste ( beef & chicken flavoured ), special cleansing food and chews. Homecare is essential if you don’t want your pets to suffer from the dreaded “dog breath” and the pain and discomfort which inevitably comes with it.