The laboratory allows us to carry out a large number of in-house blood tests including red and white cell counts, kidney and liver function, thyroid function etc. Having this equipment on the premises means that we can usually run tests on the day they are taken avoiding the inevitable delays in transportation and processing. We are now able to perform an additional range of in-house tests such as bile-acid stimulation tests, ACTH response tests, Low Dose Dexamethasone Suppression tests, drug monitoring and others. We are proud to be able to offer inhouse testing for SDMA. This is a very modern test that can detect kidney problems in dogs and cats at much earlier stages than conventional lab tests!

We can also run Pre-anaesthetic blood screens in which as the name suggests, blood can be tested before animals have their anaesthetic to provide valuable information that can be used to reduce anaesthetic problems. These screens are particularly useful in older or unwell animals.

We also carry out tests on skin, hair, joint fluid, spinal fluid, urine and faeces (see images of parasite eggs and mites below) using microscopy and special stains to look for parasites, yeasts, bacteria and fungi.