Ashbank is proud to have a fully refurbished surgical suite of theatres including a dedicated prep area for surgically preparing patients before going to theatre as well as two purpose built sterile surgical theatres. These allow Ashbank to provide gold-standard surgical care of your pet when they need to undergo surgery. We have also invested in a dedicated dental theatre which further enhances our ability to maintain the highest level of sterility.

Ashbank Vets pre-packed surgical instrumentsWe use pre-packed surgical instruments using the practice’s modern vacuum autoclave allowing us to have a large range of specialist instruments ready for a variety of routine and complex procedures including orthopaedic, soft tissue, neurological and cardiovascular procedures. We use single packed swaged suture materials which again represents best practice.

Modern drugs and anaesthetic protocols are used at Ashbank to mimimise risk to our patients. During anaesthesia patients are monitored by qualified nurses, ECG, pulse-oximeters and respiration monitors; pictured right.

We also have a range of modern single packed swaged suture materials suited to all different types of veterinary surgery.